Tassie Face Mask Project welcomes Tasmanian’s to sew and donate cloth face masks to help save lives.

If you have some spare material and elastic at home, or have one of our kits, please fill in the “Register as a sewist” for  to let us know you’re sewing to donate to us, follow our Tassie Face Mask Project Facebook support group for sewists.  Simply follow one of our approved patterns and drop off your creations at one of our collection points.

We would like to thank all the sewists who are helping us reach our goal to preserve precious PPE supplies for healthcare workers and provide vulnerable Tasmanians with reusable masks.

Our Sewing Heroes Honour Roll lists the names of those who were happy to be acknowledged.

If you have sewn for us and you’re name is not listed  please send us a message with your permission to add your name to our list.

Thank you all so much for supporting our project.

Adriana Carnevale

Aleisha Johnson-Montesinos

Angela Davies

Ann Jeanette Donnelly


Annette Whitemore

Bella Komzak

Bernadette Hodgetts

Bridgette Bygrave

Carolyn Rosser


Celestine Whiteley


cindy hollings

Deb Heppel

debra Ong

Denice Chang

Diane Geale

Emerald Febey

Gail Woodgate

Georgiana Archer

Gina Raisin

Glenda Morgan


Hannah Mulcahy

Heather Bayley

Heidi Tooker

Helene Parry

Janice Forbes

Jenny Hart

Jo Penny

Joyce Batchelor

Karen    Walter

Karen Bodell

Karen Walter

Katrina Keane

Katherine Collins

Katherine yuen

Katrina Viney

Kay Norelle Buckley

Kerry Sinclair

Leanne Gregg

Lee Larter



Louise Smith


Lynne Graham


Marg McCarthy

Margaret Hillier

Maria    Hryssikou

Marilyn Nicholson

Marion Hale

Mary Eckhardt

Melodie Paul

Meridian Stephens

Monique Blomfield

Nannette Kennedy

Olga Peshkova

Patrizia Jones

Pinon Chowdhury


Rosa      Chandler

Rose Wilson

Rosie Callaghan

Rotaract Tasmania

Samantha Gardner

Sandra  Fletcher

Sandra  Harvey

Sandra Fletcher

Sandra Harvey

Sarah Badcock

Shelley Burke

Sheryl Muirhead



Sue Leschen

Sue Wood

Tamara Baker

Tania Spilling

Tina        Richardson

Tina Richardson

Trish Jones

Valma Shea


Yen Chamberlain

Yuka Nakagawa