The Tassie Mask Project

The Tassie Mask Project is a volunteer run, community initiative intended to increase the number of surgical grade face masks in clinical areas Cloth “utility masks” are being made with love by local volunteers. Our project connects people who are making masks, with people who want a mask.

Through the generous support of local businesses we have set up a system that was launched in Launceston on 31st March and rolled out around Tasmania in the following weeks.

A purpose made “ballot” box is available in listed pharmacies to collect newly made cloth masks. Donors are asked to drop their masks into the pharmacy when shopping for their essential medical supplies. People in an “at risk” group or over 70 can arrange to have a volunteer collect their masks from their letterbox.

Donors are asked to place masks loosely into the bins to reduce the need for handling.

The masks are medically laundered prior to distribution.